Apple’s OSX has 2,212 listed vulnerabilities from 1999 until today and Microsoft Windows has 6,814 since 1999. The concept of an expired computer itself isn’t new, but Chrome OS has taken heat for years over it. Since Chromebooks are essentially low-cost hardware running a very lightweight Linux operating system as a vessel for the Chrome browser, few expected them to expire. Google publishes expiration dates for Chromebooks on its support site here. You can also toggle between Mirrored and Extended Desktop modes from anywhere in Chrome OS via a keyboard shortcut. The best option — if your Chromebook allows it — is to download the Microsoft Word Android app from Google Play. This app functions just as it does on Android, so you should feel right at home.

how install drivers windows 10

Lastly, I was thoroughly impressed by McAfee’s feature-rich firewall. It includes a wide array of features for advanced users and is highly configurable. I particularly liked its “Traffic Control” feature, which lets you have total control of your incoming and outgoing internet traffic. Its “Intrusion Detection” feature immediately alerts you if a potential hacker is trying to access your system. Norton owes its perfect detection to its AI SONAR Analysis tool, which identifies new and fast-emerging threats by monitoring their behavior before they can infect your computer. It also offers many useful extras, including a password manager, parental controls, VPN, and optimization tools that boost your system performance.

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NVIDIA GeForce Experience can be downloaded from the official website of NVIDIA, After installing GeForce Experience on your system, launch it and navigate to the Drivers tab. After that, NVIDIA GeForce Experience will start searching for the updates available for your GPU. If an update is available for your NVIDIA GPU, it will show you the option to download and install it.

Also, this software did not offer to install any other software. Normally one doesn’t need to go out of the way to update device drivers in Windows 11 or Windows 10 as Windows Update offers all the important driver updates as well. But if you are looking for a way to update your drivers using free software, then you could take a look at WinZip Driver Updater Free. Truthfully speaking, WinZip Driver Updater is not a virus but a rogue program that tries to convince you by lying to purchase the full version of the product. It might be incredibly annoying — constant pop-ups and scans running in the background — but it windows 11 drivers for Surface Ethernet Adapter doesn‘t really cause that much damage to the computer.

Control Panel

Alternatively, you can press the “Ctrl” and “+” buttons simultaneously to zoom in, or “Ctrl” and “-“ simultaneously to zoom out. You can also press “Ctrl” and “0” at the same time to restore the default settings. Finally, you’ll need to install a Crostini-compatible GPU driver.

  • In the “Settings” menu, click on “Apps and features” to see every installed application on your Windows 10 computer.
  • You can install the free driver updater software to help you automatically download Windows 10 drivers.
  • In addition to this, the driver updater also is an ideal choice for improving the stability and overall PC performance with much ease.
  • Windows have many built-in troubleshooters that can quickly troubleshoot most system issues.

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